Nest Security Camera:security camera system

Nest Security Camera
Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera is a finely built smart and sleek indoor camera that produces some of the best video results for rooms with low light levels. It’s a camera designed for the smart home crowd which works with a variety of devices to streamline your residential premises.

Description of Nest Security camera :

It offers a good video quality of 1080p, the best resolution you might find on security cameras. It works with Alexa and comes with a speaker and microphone so that you can listen to all the voices at your house and instruct or reply to the same voices with your microphone.

You can set up this smart gadget anywhere in your home and connect any of your devices to it without any barriers of accepting only nest brand appliances. Nest Security Cameras are the best gadgets that help you track your home security without any hassle.

Features :

Nest Security Camera
Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera comes with a 1080p camera that is capable of capturing high resolution images and videos of people and objects. It works best on lowlight and natural indirect day light. Visions captured during night also come clear with this little security gadget.

This wi-fi security camera has 130 degree field of view, wide enough to give an overview of the activities that take place in a room. Its digital zoom can help you enlarge a part of video up to eight times of its actual image.

It comes with a two way audio that lets you communicate with your audience back home, be it your pet, your kids or your guests and sometimes even the thieves. Nest Security Camera is equipped with motion detection, which sends you an alert when something moves within the camera’s view; this helps you stay alert for any unwanted visitors.

Nest Security Cameras plug into power so you never have to deal with losing any important feedback due to dead batteries. It comes with a Nest Aware subscription, your Nest Cam records visuals 24/7 so you never have to miss on anything.


Nest Security Camera
Nest Security Camera

The nest mobile app is easy to use and works on almost any devices. You canuse this app to setup cameras, view videos and change settings. Unlike other security cameras, Nest Security Camera doesn’t need a paid subscription for basic features.

Nest Cam looks for motions and suspicious sounds such as your dog barking or glass door being broken and sends an alert immediately if it senses something conspicuous with a key image. Even if you miss alert you can see the images of activity for last three hours on Nest App for free.

Warranty :

Nest Security Camera comes with a two year warranty and you can always expect direct support for all your FAQs and common problems.


Nest Security Camera
Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera is an ideal choice for you to keep a tab on all the activities that place at your home in your absence. You can keep a tab on the people who came to visit your home in your absence, how your kids are doing in your absence, whether your kids are actually studying for the exam tomorrow? Is your baby safe back home with the new baby sitter? Did your pet just chew away your file? All these simple looking situations could hold a huge impact if gone wrong.

With #Nest Security Camera installed in your premises, you can be assured about being in total control of the situation back home and can also instruct your pet to leave the file aside and ask your kids to stop wasting time on games and get back to studying.

It helps you rest assured about being available to your family even when you are away from home. It’s fairly priced and successfully serves the purpose for which it has been installed in the room. Nest Security Camera can provide your home and people the necessary security that they require which is more than enough for the price paid.

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