John Frieda Hot Air Brush,1-inch Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Hot Air Brush is a total savior for all those women who are not so expert at styling their hair on their own or the ones who don’t feel going in parlours every now and then so convenient. It not only eats your time but leaves a bite on your wallet too.

This lil wonder by John Frieda is the perfect choice for ladies who are too left handed when it comes to juggling dryer in one hand and comb in another. I mean come on ladies, how do you expect someone to be an expert with these two tools altogether!

John Frieda Hot Air Brush is just the right thing we all need. It not only combs your hair but also blow dries them at the same time. You not only save on time but also get to see that effortless beautiful mane of well behaved, well set hair.

With the advance ionic technology, John Frieda Hot Air Brush promise to give you twice the shine and thrice the frizz control over your hair strands. Straightening or curling your hair could be pain especially when you are not so much a fan of styling your hair.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Hot Air Brush makes the whole experience of hair styling smooth. Its 1 inch ceramic barrel makes sure heat is distributed evenly among all the bristles, giving your hair salon style finishing while also saving them from any extreme damage.

It is very much hair and user friendly and comes with nylon and ball tipped bristles that are soft enough to be able to provide you the massaging effect with its soft tips.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Hot Air Brush

This little wonder brush comes with  two heat settings and one additional cold setting to help you get that salon like look within a couple of minutes. So ladies, go flaunt that beautiful hair of yours with John Frieda Hot Air Brush.

Its one and half inch barrel fits easily in your office hand bag or your chilling tote. Its perfect ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and use.

All that is needed from your end is to get your hair towel dried, apply some heat protector spray over your damp hair and get started with this wonderful tool to achieve that chic look you have always tried to get. While you are detangling your hair strands with this hot air brush, you are also blow drying your hair for fresh, bouncy and shiny hair that stays the same for long.

#John Frieda Hot Air Brush has an in built high voltage ionic generator that generates up to 50 percent more ions than the ions that are created by natural sources.

The whole process of neutralizing positive and negative ions in the atmosphere leaves your hair with an invisible coat that protects your hair cuticles and eliminates frizziness by eliminating static electricity.

John Frieda has ruled the hair styling product market with their innovative designs. #Hot Air Brush is just another addition to this. It comes with a ceramic coating with titanium that promises a durable and heat resistant hot air brush.

You no more have to struggle with holding dryer in one hand and comb in another and then spend hours

John Frieda Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Hot Air Brush

on getting that co-ordination between both the hands in order to get that perfect salon like blow dry look for the party.

You can simply roll the John Frieda Hot Air Brush through your hair to have that soft and silky, well set, blow dry salon hair look! It’s that simple.

With its latest ionic technology you no more would have to complain about getting your hair becoming flat, instead this wonderful tool leaves your hair with that extra bounce effect. So whether you want that lovely curls or you want to style your hair for the wavy beach chic style or you want to have a complete professional look with straight hair, go and experiment fun of hairstyling with John Frieda Hot Air Brush.

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