FitBit charge hr 2 Meet your new soul mate.

FitBit charge hr 2

FitBit charge hr 2
FitBit charge hr 2

We present  FitBit charge hr 2  to this new breed of workaholics and fitness freaks making  sure they  have a health assistant to take care of all the important activities and needs of their body that go ignored due to  work pressures and office stress.

FitBit charge hr 2 is more of a personal caretaker – it will remind you to take a stroll, it will listen to each and every beat of your heart, it will make sure to follow every move of your legs – be it tracking, hiking, biking, running, weights. Just connect to the GPS and Ta-Da! You will have all the stats related to your pace and distance right on your wrist band.


fitbit charge hr 2

FitBit Charge hr 2 will monitor every single breath that you inhale – Forget taking yoga lessons, we give you your own personalized breathing sessions – guiding you through each and every breath that is going to travel to your lungs! Heart Rate Tracking will make it possible to track your health along with the calories burned to reach up to your weight loss goals. Get your own personal cardio fitness score with Pure Pulse that gives you a snapshot of your cardiovascular fitness. Know your heart beat patterns and Go set the next goal for workout!!

Light or deep, sound or crisp – FitBit Charge hr 2 will make sure to record and report you the quality of your sleep even when you are fast asleep!  The quality of your sleep decides how you are going to spend your following day – scuffling or smiling and that’s why we give utmost importance to the quality of your sleep throughout the night. Record your sleep – review your sleep – get tips on improving it – schedule your wake hour and let FitBit Charge hr 2 take the charge and wake you up with a silent vibration in the morning – say bye bye to noisy alarms – welcome peaceful warm mornings!!

We understand the importance of staying updated and that’s the reason FitBit Charge hr 2 supports calls, text and calendar alerts right in your sleek wrist band so that even when you work out, you don’t miss out on any of the opportunities. Mobiles should also be given some time off we would say 😉

All these benefits at the most convenient prices and at the same time the best sleek and user friendly design possible! Steel body – OLED Display – interchangeable bands (with the coolest color options), designer textures -all this and so much more in a super stylish – super sleek wrist band! What more could one ask for!